Moving to Africa

As my title suggests, I am moving to Africa in a week and a half!  I can’t believe it.  I’m going to be living in Nairobi, Kenya for a couple of months then traveling around East Africa doing research and due diligence for my company.  For a little background, the company I work for sells efficient stoves to people who cook on open fires.  This technology reduced smoke inhalation by these people, reduces deforestation and provides significant economic benefits to both the people receiving the stoves and investors in the company.  I am super stoked about this model and think it can have a great impact.  I have no idea what to expect yet I know I am going to learn and grow so much.  It will definitely be an adventure.  And I’m going to have some great stories to tell when I get back so just ask me 🙂  The only bad thing about moving across continents is the people you leave behind.  I know I will have my family and the relationships I developed in college for a lifetime but it’s still a bummer to know that I won’t be seeing either of them nearly as much.

As I prepare to move to Africa, I’m trying to meet as many people as I can who have a connection there.  I just went to a YWAM Business as Missions conference today and met tons of great people that are doing incredible things.  I really believe that people like that can change the world because they are so smart and so passionate, about both helping people and loving God.  That combination is pretty incredible and something we need in more people, including myself.  Anyway, please let me know if anyone has contacts in the East Africa region.  The more people we partner with in projects like these the greater impact we can have because none of us can do it alone.


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