Welcome to Kenya

I’m in Kenya!  It’s hard to believe that I am actually here and living in Nairobi!  Let me update you briefly on what’s been going on in the last 4 days… (Seems like I’ve been here much longer).

The first couple days of my trip I went to some meetings with Scott, our guy that handles the manufacturing side of our business.  Probably all boring stuff that no one wants to hear about but we got to go to one ceramics manufacturer outside of Nairobi that was really cool.  They mix all the clay there, shape it into cylinders that fit into our metal stove frame, then fire the liners for over a day before sending us the final product.  We are still trying to get the right consistency and density on those so that we an aesthetically pleasing, strong liner for stoves that will last a long time but it seems to be moving along well.

Yesterday Scott, Mathew (Our Kenyan business director) and I headed out to Meru about 4 hours North of Nairobi.  I got to drive across the equator so that was cool!  You would think it would be really hot, but the elevation where we crossed was around 5,000 feet so the weather was great.  On the way, Scott started feeling sick, then I started feeling sick too.  It culminated with me throwing up and both of us going to the hospital that night.  We got some medicine and survived, but the next day was pretty rough.  Hopefully this will be the exception.  The weird thing is we ate at a nice restaurant in Nairobi the day before… kind of disheartening.  Anyway, I can check that off my list of things to do while I’m in Africa.  Some of my others include;

Make African friends
See a lion, giraffe, hippo, elephant, zebra and anything in the wild
Eat something I don’t recognize
Swim in the Indian Ocean
Talk my way out of a bribe
See Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya
Go on a Safari
Survive a packed bus (The more crowded the better)
See Lake Victoria
See the sands of Zanzibar
Go to the genocide museum in Rwanda
Visit the Ethiopian Highlands

I think that’s it for now, let me know if there’s anything else I have to do while I’m here 🙂

I’ll just share some general observations about Nairobi before I go to bed.  First of all, it seems like an extremely livable city.  I’m living in a nice apartment, there’s a gym down the street, traffic is bad but I’ve been in LA so whatever, and it’s really green.  However, I have been comparing it to Cairo so maybe it’s not saying much.  I just like the size, weather and lack of pollution way more than Cairo.  But I don’t like the fact that it’s not very safe at night.  One of my favorite things about Cairo was sitting outside at night and hanging out with friends.  Here you’ll get robbed or worse so that’s not such a good idea.  And before I make any conclusions about Nairobi, I really need to see Kibera.  It’s the largest slum in Africa with an estimated 1-2 million residents… crazy.  Anyway, that has been my life for the past few days, more updates to come!

I will add pictures soon but my computer is being weird


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