The People of Nairobi

People make travel. Without them as your focus, you’re just passing through on your way to something bigger and better. It really doesn’t matter if you’re in a 5-star resort or a mud hut, without people your trip becomes a distant memory that fades into the past. You describe your vacation with words like nice, pleasant, or relaxing, but thinking of that place fails to stir something deeper in you.

But when you get to know its people, a place becomes a part of you forever. Talking to, or even thinking about those people brings you back instantly to your time there. When I think back on my travels, it’s not the famous places I visited, or the great food I ate that first come to my mind (although I love those things); It’s the people I met that made an impact on my life. My time with them, no matter how short, is what I remember and the reason I love to travel.

With that, I’ve met some great people here in Kenya that I will remember as a significant part of my trip.

First, there are my African friends like John, Evans and Collins. John and I work together at the manufacturing plant increasing quality control and production capacity. Yesterday we oversaw the unloading and storing of 3,000 stoves into our warehouse and everything that means in terms of logistics. We’re both just out of college so it’s been a good experience growing together and sharing the responsibility. Evans is my driver and a great guy to be stuck in traffic with. He’s invited me over to his house next weekend for some Ugali (A traditional Kenyan food that I’m not sure how to describe) so I’m pretty excited about that. And Collins is a guy who teaches tennis in Nairobi. We played last weekend and had a great time. The court was bad but the company was good so I can’t complain.

Second, I hung out last weekend with a great missionary family I knew from APU. We went to their son’s rugby game outside Nairobi and had a blast. Afterwards, we returned to their home in the countryside and hung out the rest of the day. I was so glad to get outside the city, be close to nature and breathe some fresh air. I even got to mow the lawn and loved it! That’s never happened before. After a great dinner featuring vegetables from their garden, we played this sports game on x-box 360’s version of the wii (I’m sure there’s a name for it). Anyway, we had a lot of fun, went to sleep and I went to church with them in the morning. All in all it was a great weekend because I got to spend it with great people. I hope I continue to meet and spend my time with people because as I said earlier, that’s what makes travel exhilarating. That’s all for now, hope you enjoy.

Praying After the Rugby Game

Kenyan countryside where I stayed with the Middletons

One thought on “The People of Nairobi

  1. That’s awesome that you got to play tennis with Collins. I hope you can continue that. Makes me miss my Camerounian tennis coach. They have a pretty awesome job 🙂 Even if the courts suck…

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