This weekend I went to Mt. Suswa to do some rock climbing and spelunking.  It’s always great to get out of Nairobi but this was an especially fun trip.  There were about 10 of us, and we set out early to have as much time there as possible.  When we arrived, we started with rock climbing into the entrance of a cave.  Since it’s elevated from the ground, apparently baboons sleep there at night to protect themselves from leopards.  There’s plenty of evidence that the monkeys are around.  Anyway, once everyone climbed up we began exploring this huge cave.  The portion you can walk upright alone goes a couple hundred meters underground.  Then we got to a narrower section where we inched along on our hands and knees.  It kept getting narrower until you were lying on the ground, sandwiched between the floor and the ceiling.  We managed to wiggle through to where the cave opened up slightly, but it eventually got too narrow to continue.  You have to fight an instinct to panic when you are sandwiched between huge boulders and any shift would be the end of you.  And it didn’t help that there were bats flying in your face as you’re straining to wiggle through these small holes.  It reminds me of the time my dad screamed in Vietnam  when a bat flew at his face 🙂

After repelling down and getting lunch, we continued exploring the huge network of caves.  Supposedly Suswa has 70 cave systems: we explored parts of only 2.  Even our guide had only been to 30.  There must be miles and miles of unexplored caves down there. Another crazy moment is when you shut all the lights out and experience utter darkness.  I don’t know how to explain it well, but there is an instant loneliness and fear that sweeps across when there is complete darkness.  Your light is your only hope.  It’s good to be reminded how dependent we really are on the Light.

On the way home I truly felt that I was in Africa.  We were riding on the top of safari vehicles, looking out across the Rift Valley and singing the intro to the Lion King.  You know what I’m talking about.  I really am on an adventure.  I even found gazelle horns to bring home 🙂

My phone camera died during the day and I’m having trouble uploading pictures so I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures yet.

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