Dar es Salaam

As my title suggests, I’m now in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.  I made it on September 11th just fine so thank you for all your prayers.

Dar es Salaam is hot and humid.  I mean really hot and humid.  They say this is the cool time of year but I don’t buy it.  It’s probably been in the high 80s the last few days with about as much humidity.  It doesn’t help that there’s 12 hours of electricity a day.  If you’re lucky it will be on at night so you can have a fan to help you go to sleep.  And the mosquitoes are seriously the worst I’ve ever seen.  I’m discovering a true loathing for their very existence.  And if I get malaria I’m going to be pissed.

The good thing about Dar is that you can cool down at the beach.  It really is a cool place if I get over those couple other issues.  I’ve gone running on the beach the last couple of days to finally get some exercise so that’s been great.  Swimming in the ocean after a day of work, I can’t complain.

To be honest, the last few days have been pretty challenging though.  My biggest struggle is just not knowing what to do.  I’ve planned all the focus groups and surveys I’m supposed to, but gathering the due diligence information and “soft knowledge” stuff is a little more difficult.  Basically it means finding out the business environment in each country, what the challenges and benefits will be, what the distribution network is like etc.  Learning how to do this is really good experience even though it’s difficult so again, I can’t complain.  Overall life is good and I’m glad I can blog about it 🙂


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