Wonderful Kenya

I’ve officially been back for a week!  Is it weird that it already feels like I’m returning “home” to Kenya?  Something about this place makes it much more appealing than anywhere else I’ve been.  Maybe it’s the functional electricity, lack of mosquitoes, cool weather, or people speaking English.  Or maybe it’s the modernity of Nairobi combined with the incredible greenery that’s everywhere in the city.  Most likely it’s the fact that I’ve made friendships here outside of merely a business context.  I’ve always thought that I could live almost anywhere as long I have good people to share the adventure with.  One thing I can say is that it’s really, really nice to finally not be living out of a suitcase.  My company is even renting an apartment that we’re moving into today so I’ll have a place to call home.  Unfortunately time seems to fly when things become familiar but I guess that’s life.  It’s good to be back and I’m ready to be in the swing of things rather than constantly on the move.  Travel is great but I’ve learned time and again that it’s the people, not the place that makes travel so incredible.  Not much more to say from Nairobi but I will keep you posted 🙂

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