Running Against Kenyans

I love weekends, not only because I don’t have to work but also because I actually go out and do stuff!  On Saturday I played squash with my American friend.  I’m slowly getting rid of my tennis habits and getting a little better (I won) 🙂  In the afternoon, some friends got together for pumpkin carving.  Since I’m not the most artistic person and didn’t want to prove my claim that I’m the world’s worst pumpkin carver, I happily watched the festivities from the side.  Overall it was a fun night and a little reminder of home.

As my title suggests, I ran with Kenyans over the weekend in the Nairobi Marathon!  Before you become too impressed, I have to say I only signed up for the 10K.  But for having done absolutely no training beforehand, I was pretty satisfied with my 54 minute finish.  I even played soccer in the afternoon with some Chinese guys.  I thought I was going to die and today I’m walking like an old man.

Before the Race

The event itself was really cool.  The sheer number of people running was crazy.  I heard someone say that the registered runners alone numbered over 20,000 people.  At least half of them were in the 10K so I was competing against 10,000 other people.  Sadly I can’t say I even came close to beating all of them.  I’m in Kenya for crying out loud, running against the best in the world!  Afterwards, there were tons of tents with free samples and a huge stage with performers and DJs.  And to finish off the day we had a “cool-down” dance in truly African style.

Competing against thousands of Kenyan runners

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