Masai Mara

I went on safari with my dad this weekend!  It was a great time, lots of adventure, and we got to see all kinds of animals so it was a great experience overall.  The only thing we missed was a rhino.  Here are some pictures of our time there.

Overlooking the Great Rift Valley on the way to Masai Mara

African Plains


Stuck in the mud.  Apparently it’s an essential part of the experience.  Getting out and pushing is a little nerve-racking  when you’ve seen lions a few minutes before.

This cheetah was 10 feet away from our car.  I rolled up the window after I took this picture to make sure he didn’t decide to jump in.

Iconic Africa

These baboons were getting a little close during lunch.  We had to throw some rocks at them to keep them away from our food.  We gave them our scraps after lunch and they seemed pretty happy.

These Masai guys tried to teach me how to make fire.  I think I was hopeless.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

11 thoughts on “Masai Mara

  1. what an awesome experience and great photos. I love the pic of the tree – would you mind if I posted it on my blog as part of a series I am doing on ‘inspiration’ and I’ll ping it back to you? Thanks!!

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  3. Daniel…*thank you* for the “like” about Giving Water Before 2012. As I clicked on your Gravatar (I hope this is correct; I’m new enough at this to embarrass my adult children) and learned all sorts of good is being done in the world. I would *love* to live in and serve in Africa.
    I plan to pass along the news about stoves and all the other *amazing* and *wonderful* things being done in developing countries. This kind of thing energizes my holiday spirit. *Thank you* for what you and others like you do for the world.
    It would be so much fun to be wealthy and give lots of stuff away!

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