Kurungu Part 2

It came to my attention that I hadn’t quite finished the story of arriving in Kurungu.  After spending the night in Maralal, we at the Hard Rock Cafe (not what yore thinking) and had an extremely uneventful, albeit beautiful 5-hour drive.  We were all worn out from the 2-day journey and took some time to relax.

Kurungu is awesome.  While Nairobi and it’s cool in its own way, you don’t have any of the pollution, traffic, noise, and crowds when you’re way up there.  The place is in a huge valley with waterfalls and cliffs surrounding you on each side.  Normally it’s brown and dusty, but the rains have made everything incredibly green.  Streams were flowing, food was growing, nomadic goat herders were back in town, and life was pretty good in Kurungu.

The Mountains above the Valley

We spent a lot of our time there driving around to various parts of the valley.  Isaac, Walt and I are looking at beginning a chili pepper business and we had to see how the crops planted a few months ago were growing.  We also met with the village chief, some guys from a wind farm project near Lake Turkana, and some other farmers who are growing the peppers.  I also gave out my stoves for the people to try.  It’s not normally this green so I’m sure fuel collection becomes a challenge during the dry season.

In addition to riding around the valley in the mule (our beefed up golf cart), we hired 6 guys to help us build a dam, swam in the river and played lots of risk and poker.  I was still working some but it was great to sit down, relax, have good conversations and get out of the office.

Kids were running after us in the mule

Another great thing was that I got to ride home in an airplane.  There happened to be a group coming in from Nairobi, and I needed to get back for work, so my trip home took 2 hours instead of 14 🙂

Fueling the plane before takeoff

Yup, I got to be copilot

All in all it was a pretty great trip to Northern Kenya.  I’m slowly getting to see various regions of Kenya and loving it.

3 thoughts on “Kurungu Part 2

  1. Hi Daniel,
    Love hearing all your stories.
    Can’t wait to have you home for Christmas.
    We want to hear more of your great stories first hand. Praying for safety and your ministry. Love you, mamie

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