Ice Hockey in Africa

Yes, you read it correctly. I have officially joined a weekly ice hockey game in Kenya. It’s random I know, but without some randomness I think you run the risk of living monotonously. I can now say that the first time I ever played ice hockey was in Africa!

I realize that I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. Life here has become fairly normal, composed of daily routines. I work during the day, have a couple of hours in the evenings to go play some random sport (like ice hockey) and do it over again. On the weekends I hang out with people, go to movies, or find something else to do. I’ll post something new when I have another crazy experience, but for the last few weeks I’ve stayed in Nairobi.

My sports schedule is pretty cool though (If I do say so myself). On Sunday I play soccer or frisbee. On Monday and Thursday I play squash. On Tuesday I have a weekly volleyball/worship service. On Wednesday I play ice hockey. On Friday I usually take a break 🙂 And on Saturday I play tennis. I’ve never gotten to play this many sports at the same time and I’m loving it. Most of my social interactions involve some type of physical activity, which is great. When I first arrived in Kenya during the summer I didn’t know enough people to do these things with so I am very thankful for the community and opportunity.

I’m also considering playing in a squash tournament in February and a tennis tournament in March. The tennis tournament even includes prize money… If nothing else, I’ll get to meet new people and blog about the experience right? That’s all for now, I will update when I have more news.


5 thoughts on “Ice Hockey in Africa

  1. You will have to show me around some of these athletic opportunities over the next year my man! Cool stuff, athletics and competition truly cross so many barriers and build great relationships. And I just don’t know how I would handle not being able to have a competitive outlet!!

    -Drew Collette

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