Taking the Plunge

I want to apologize for not blogging in over 3 weeks. It’s been a combination of sheer laziness and absolutely nothing interesting happening that has brought about this unfortunate reality. The next few months look promising though so I’ll keep my readers updated.

As my title says I am taking the plunge. The plunge from employment to entrepreneurship, from guaranteed salary to a big fat question mark. It’s exciting and terrifying but I’m glad I’m doing it because whether I succeed or fail, the experience will be worth it. Although my contract didn’t end until June, my company and I came to a mutual agreement that we would part ways. I was interested in becoming a salesperson for water products while they wanted a researcher/report writer. They’ve generously allowed me to stay in my apartment through my original contract though so I’m grateful. Although I’m planning on beginning my own businesses (water filters and the chili farm), I have a potential job offer during the interim until I receive my work permit and company registration. I might work as an operations manager/accountant for one of our partner companies who needs increased bandwidth for their director. I’ve yet to confirm but the opportunity could be great for being exposed to a completely different set of experiences.

On another note, I had a firsthand experience with why they call this place Nairobbery. My friends had taken me out after the weekend of my Birthday and we visited a dance club to have a couple of drinks. After being on the dance floor for a few minutes, I felt someone around me reach for my wallet. As I grabbed my pockets, I immediately realized that my iPhone was missing. I looked around but whoever did it had already melted into the sea of dancing people. Bummer, what a Birthday. At least I got to enjoy it for a year and the incident has made me realize it’s not the most important thing in the world.

Hopefully I’ll be updating my blog more frequently. If nothing else, there should be crazy stories of this white guy trying to start a profitable venture in Africa. It will be difficult, but the opportunity is there and I relish the challenge.


5 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

  1. so crazy and awesome (except for the iPhone part). i’m excited for you that you’re getting to do your own thing. it’s the riskier but more hopeful option! excited to hear more updates too.

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