Starting a Business

I left off last time as I was “taking the plunge”, getting ready to launch into this thing called entrepreneurship and being my own boss. It’s been almost 3 weeks now, and I’m happy to say I haven’t quit yet. There are so many things to take care of before starting, and the last couple of weeks have been filled with running those errands. It’s a strange feeling being completely on my own, deciding what meetings to set up and prioritizing my own work. I’m glad for the employment experience I received from Paradigm (even though it was only 9 months) but feel like working for yourself is a much more motivating and rewarding experience.

On the water filtration business, I’ve talked with my lawyer and will have an officially registered Kenyan company in 2 weeks. In addition to setting up the company, it looks like I’m less than a week away from placing my first order of filters! (unfortunately they take 3 months to arrive) I know that challenges and problems will arise, but it’s exciting how things have worked out and I’m actually doing what I’ve learned so much about in school. Things are still moving rather slow on the chili farm. We’ve planted our first acre, but they haven’t begun producing anything yet. I’m traveling to Kurungu again next week when I’ll be able to work for a few days on the project and should have more news.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, I bought a car! It’s a Toyota Probox, super ugly bun functional. The car will definitely help me start these businesses and give me mobility in Nairobi that I didn’t have before. I tried to post some pictures but my internet is not cooperating.


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