What I Do

I posted last year on what exactly I do, but I thought it would be appropriate to update my readers again, seeing that my job has changed a couple of times since I arrived in Kenya. Leaving my unemployment stage behind (although I’m still importing water filters on the side), I now work for a company called Affirm Kenya. We are a distribution network of clean technology products (solar lights, energy-saving cookstoves, water filtration products, agricultural products etc.) To learn more, check out our website at affirmglobal.com and like our page at facebook.com/AffirmKenya. We recruit what we call Last Mile Entrepreneurs (LMEs) to distribute our life-changing products throughout Kenya. We train these LMEs in integrity and leadership so we have a lasting impact beyond just the products we provide. We sell in schools, SACCOs (small-scale banks), NGOs, door-to-door and to anyone else who will benefit from our products (which is everyone)! My official position at the company is the Director of Strategy & Recruitment but that’s really just a rough guideline because as a start-up company, you do everything. It’s a fun ride though. I do things like travel around Kenya making promotional videos, discuss potential partnerships with organizations, apply to grants and loans, sell products to my neighbors and console my business partner as he deals with corrupt immigration officials in the government. And that’s just my Affirm Kenya job 🙂

More to come as I travel to London for the Olympics and on the Germany/Switzerland for a week!

ImageFilming with our customers in Embu, Kenya


3 thoughts on “What I Do

  1. You look really tall in this picture, and are they obsessed with keeping the children’s heads warm? What is it, 60 degrees or something?

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