I realized that I never finished this blog. I wanted to write a conclusion post where I summarized everything I learned during my entire time in Kenya, wrapping it all up in a neat package with a bow and sending it off. “That” I thought, “is how I learn something from this experience while moving on with my new life”

I attempted this end-all blog post several times, but found that I couldn’t neatly tie up two years of my life into a single concise article. Two years of travel, learning, growth, adventure, struggle, exploration, failures and mistakes are not meant to be written about, tucked away and forgotten.

I’m reminded daily of my time in Kenya, different conversations constantly bringing up the things that I learned there. I had no idea how much I would miss good avocados and mangos or that I would feel nostalgic about sitting down to a slow Chai with Kenyan friends. Africa keeps coming back to me, and I often think about how it’s changed me.

Maybe it’s fitting that I never finished. Life in Africa lives on. After returning to the States, I somehow got connected to people with my same exact interests – quaponics and Kenya. Sometimes I didn’t want anything to do with Africa but it came to me nonetheless. I met a business partner and after hundreds of hours of talking and working, we put together a plan. It’s early and it’s not perfect and we’re going to learn a lot along the way, but we’re turning it from dream to reality and for that I could not be more excited.

Please see the link to our project and my next phase in Kenya and contribute if you can.


Thank you so much for reading my blog and journeying with me along the way. I am truly thankful for all of my experiences and want to use them to make the world a better place. Please stay tuned as I will likely be posting in this blog more if our fundraising goes according to plan.


One thought on “Update

  1. I get your sentiments. When I left Africa in 2009, I boldly proclaimed: “I’m never coming back.” But somehow, it gets in your blood. You can’t just let go and you do go back ~ again and again! I’m grateful I have found many kindred spirits on this incredible journey. Especially, my new business partner : )

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