Two weeks ago I returned to Ueda, a city where I spent a pretty big chunk of my childhood. Staying at a family friend’s house, we had no idea we were about to experience the biggest snowstorm in over a hundred years. Some friends who were planning to come over had to walk, and they ended up staying the whole weekend. We shoveled 3 feet of snow so the car could get out, had snowball fights, played cards and most importantly, held the inaugural Ueda Olympics event.

Let me explain. With three feet of snow and a step ladder, we were trying to think of something creative to do. Since this was during Sochi, we decided to create our own unique “snow diving” event, combining the technical difficulty of diving with the winter X-games. Check out the YouTube videos Here

Shoveling Snow with Saki & Mr. Aoki

Shoveling Snow with Saki & Mr. Aoki

Kuni San came to visit!

Kuni San came to visit!

Once again, I was reminded of how gracious and loyal my friends in Japan are. Despite having busy lives, they took the entire weekend just to hang out and take it slow. Friends like that are rare anywhere, and I’m thankful to have them now in several places around the world 🙂

Great Friends

Great Friends



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