Pilot Project

Once again I find myself at the edge of the unknown. This time I’m leaving Colorado and returning to Kenya for two months to work on an aquaponics pilot project in Nairobi. I’m excited and nervous, hopeful that our project will be success and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things that I still need to figure out. Not a bad place to be really – life will not be boring in Kenya, of that I am sure.

Last year my business partner and I started a company, The Food Source and raised over $8,000 to help start a business selling vegetables to higher-end grocer stores in Nairobi. Thank you so much if you supported our project and if not, check it out Here. In Kenya, we’re partnering with Transformational Ventures as well as a school/church property in Nairobi to build and operate the greenhouse. We are so thankful to our partners who have helped us along the way and made this opportunity possible!

I will be updating this blog during the entire project, so please subscribe and read about the adventure. We always appreciate your support in thinking, praying and connecting us to like-minded people who might be interested in taking this elsewhere. Thank you and see you in Kenya!

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