The Next Step

I’ve been back in the US for a week and a half now. It’s strange how quickly whatever circumstance you are in becomes the new normal. Writing this in the quiet, cool, green backyard in Denver where I’m house sitting, it’s hard to believe that I was in the midst of Kenya just two short weeks ago. They are worlds apart, let me tell you.

Last week I helped teach a tennis camp at the US Air Force Academy. It was fun, hanging out with kids and focusing on nothing more complicated than teaching a kid a forehand (which can be surprisingly complicated). I also met a new Japanese friend, Hiro, who stayed with me over the weekend and was game for playing tennis, golf and pickleball. I was glad to get my Japanese speaking fix and make a new friend.


This week, I’m getting everything ready for my application to a scholarship program in Japan where I want to get an MBA. Sometimes I feel mixed emotions about the possibility of going back to Japan, but one thing is for sure, when I was there this Winter, I was reminded that it feels more like home than anywhere else.

Next week my trips begin. I’m excited to get more experience and see if this is something I really want to do. On the trips I have conducted, I loved the fact that I can work while having great conversations and seeing beautiful places in Colorado. Getting paid to do that is pretty awesome.

After July, I become a high school tennis coach again. I look forward to what the season holds and appreciate my athletic director’s reminder: “Even if we don’t win a match again this year, if the students have fun and learn to love a game that they can play for a lifetime, we have succeeded.” Truth.

And that’s my life. After September it is a huge gaping hole and I have no idea what will fill it. Something always come through though because God always provides. And I almost forgot, I have my work at The Food Source starting an organic farm in Nairobi. I am no longer physically there, but the work continues and as it becomes successful the big question is, “What Next”?


8 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Really enjoyed this post! I think we are always in the back of our minds wondering “what’s next?” in our lives. It sounds like you are doing great though. Good luck to you in your endeavors!

  2. Love your post! I can relate. I was in a different world just 2 days ago and now that I am back, it is like I never left. But yet again, I’m forever changed in the most beautiful ways possible. Having been in Kenya for nearly 3 weeks, I appreciate the every day, mundane things like never before. Most of all, hugging and kissing on my babes and husband. And yes, God always provides : )

  3. Nice! Traveling is awesome. There’s so much world outside ‘home,’ and home can really change depending where you are in life…Good luck with your adventures! (and thanks for visiting my blog!)

  4. Sounds like exciting plans/possibilities in your future! We also feel “world apart” after leaving Peace Corps Jamaica. We were there for two years and yet, somehow being surrounded by a “new normal” (as you said), it can sometimes feel like it never happened. Funny, we’ve been looking at programs in Japan as well- specifically JET (teaching English). Anyway, best of luck whatever comes your way!

  5. Best of luck with your scholarship application! It’s so nice to see someone doing such amazing things! Where in Japan would you be attending school?

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