Hida Takayama

Over the last few days, I’ve been in Hida Takayama, in Japan’s Central Gifu Prefecture. Like many places in Japan, I had been as a little kid but as life got busier, my family rarely found the time to travel places outside of Tokyo or Nagano. It’s fun to return as an adult, especially as I begin my tour guiding job with Walk Japan. Takayama is also Denver’s Sister City (along with Nairobi interestingly enough). Last year I translated and tour guided for the delegation that came and this year I will get a chance to do the same. They always talk about how incredible the 4th of July Fireworks were at Coors Field.

We did all kinds of things there, but the most interesting was the Unesco World Heritage Site of Shirakawago. There, traditional thatched-roof huts are still lived in by rice farmers. The outsides look dilapidated, but get a peek inside and you see modern air-conditioning units and nice cars in garages. Japan is the ultimate mix of modern and traditional ways of life, and Shirakawago is probably one of the most visible demonstrations of that clash.

I’ve also been reading about the history of Japan, discovering all kinds of things I didn’t know as I tour places I’ve never been. It’s fascinating to live in a place, then read about the events, people and places that made things the way they are today.

I’ve been trying to add some pictures of my Takayam trip to this post, but for some reason WordPress is not letting me. Check out my instagram and facebook


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