A Few Updates

I set a goal for myself to write a blog post at least once a month this year. So here it goes

I spent the first three weeks of April traveling around Japan. First, I visited Kyoto to attend a friend’s wedding, which was beautiful. A traditional Shinto wedding, the bride and groom were in dressed in Japanese kimonos and the cherry blossoms were in their full glory. Plus going to Kyoto is always fantastic.


After the wedding, I headed to Tokyo to start a tour all over Japan. The customers were great, the weather was amazing and it was good to be back on the trail.

After the Nakasendo, I visited Takayama, where a friend had asked me to volunteer at the annual Spring Festival. Each section of the city has its own ornately decorated festival float that is paraded through town. Flute playing, street food and tourists are in no short supply.


I volunteered in a house recently renovated by an architectural design company. They use it for employee vacations but also open it up during events and donate the proceeds from selling drinks. I don’t know that much about architecture, but I can say that there is something uniquely appealing about the simplicity of Japanese design done well. It was also fun just doing something totally different from my everyday life.



From Takayama, I began another Nakasendo walk, this time only 3 days. The nice thing about Spring in Japan is that different blossoms flower during different points of the season. This walk featured the multi-colored plum blossom and green starting to sprout everywhere.


After this travel, I returned home, exhausted for some R&R, as well as planning for my upcoming tours. Namely, the Spring Japan Pickleball Trip! Jennifer Lucore, is coming along and it’s going to be a fantastic time. Please check out pickleballtrips.com for more information on future trips and camps. We have a lot of new trips coming in 2019!

Finally, I was involved last summer in filming a new series with Duke from Quick Pickle. The idea is to give students of pickleball in-depth lessons from pros, not just a short 5 minute video. If you’re interested, particularly in learning drop shots from me, please check out the website, quickpickle.com and click on my course, Drop Shot Domination. You can also click here, https://quickpickle.com/pages/courses.

I am sad to be missing this year’s US Open Pickleball Championships, which are happening now. I hope to make it next year but we shall see.


2 thoughts on “A Few Updates

  1. I keep reading your posts and taking you before our Lord. My wife, Carolyn, and I are in Tokyo for two and half years. The first year has come and gone.

    Ron Hardy

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