Last week I traveled to Los Cabos, Mexico with my family and extended family for some fun in the sun. It was a great time to hang out, catch up, have some fun and eat good Mexican food before I head off to Japan.

There were a lot of stories from the trip but I wanted to highlight the most memorable. One night my grandparents booked a sunset cruise, thinking we would have a nice dinner and conversation. Instead, it turned out to be a sunset booze cruise, complete with blaring music and tipsy gringos. “Waiters” walked around pouring shots of tequila into peoples’ mouths and things were getting pretty crazy on the dance floor. It was definitely unexpected but fun too 🙂


The booze cruise!

The next day, six of us got up early for a fishing trip. We were fishing for whatever we could find, and within an hour of going out, my brother and I had each caught a decent size Dorado (Mahi Mahi). Continuing along the coast, we saw humpback whales jumping out of the water. They would land on their back, wave their flippers, and slowly flip their tail in the air. Later, we saw a school of about a hundred stingrays. Some of them would jump out of the water, flap their wings for a second, and belly flop with a smack. After catching a couple more Dorado and missing some more, we caught up with a school of dolphins that played around our boat on the way home. Getting into the bay again, seals that learned to beg food from the fishermen came up to our boat and were rewarded with out scraps. Pelicans did the same when the fishermen prepared our fish for us. All in all, it was a great fishing/aquarium adventure, probably the best I’ve been on.


My Dorado


A seal snagging some bait fish


Pelicans waiting for a meal

After this, I’m heading to Japan! I’m going to a ski resort for a couple of months to help with translation and work on my tour guiding business. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve been back and I’m really excited to return “home”. I’ve actually reconnected with all of my friends from my Japanese elementary school so the plan is to meet up and catch up, a lifetime away from when the last time I saw them at just 12 years old.


How I Got on “The List” and Other Fun Stories from Christmas

I hesitated to post anything about my immigration issues before I returned to Kenya because I figured that somehow, it could come back to haunt me. Now that I’ve made it back and feel slightly less irritated towards US customs officials, I can tell the whole story.

Flying into Dallas on Christmas eve, I was ready to hang out with my family and relax. Instead, my passport beeped. It’s never good when your passport beeps. I got the “sir, please step into our back room and answer a few questions” response and asked me what I was doing in Kenya, why I had visited Egypt, Turkey, Syria Jordan etc. They also asked if I had friends in any of these countries I had visited and whether they “convinced me”, whatever that means.”It’s not a problem if you’re Muslim, we’d just like to know”. They asked me why I was nervous and when I told them “because I don’t often talk to federal police officers who could arrest me” they said I had nothing to worry about if I hadn’t done anything wrong… After that, they called my mom to verify my story, before taking my bags and looking through and asking me about every single item. They looked through the files in my computer, financial documents, opened Christmas presents, everything. When they found my journal and I told them it was personal, they told me nothing was personal and proceeded to read it. One of the guys told me I was a good writer and should keep it up… After almost 3 hours of questioning and waiting, Mr. immigration official finally gave me a lecture on American security and how they were protecting me and the country by questioning me. His last words were, “we’re not accusing you of anything and can’t deny you into the United States, but if you are doing something, we will find you” and let me go. I hate to whine and know that foreigners have a much harder time with U.S. immigration than I do, but trying to stop terrorism by “getting people’s stories straight” seems slightly ridiculous to me. Unfortunately, real terrorists are much smarter than these immigration officials and won’t fumble over their words like I did.

Anyway, after my eventful Christmas eve I had a great Christmas with my family in Colorado. I got to go snowboarding for the first time in forever, before traveling to Cabo San Lucas for New Years. We went fishing, swam with whale sharks, played beach volleyball, ate way too much Mexican food, and really enjoyed our time. On the way back, I was scared that the same nightmare would happen at immigration and this time they would think I was an international drug dealer or something. Having been bumped up to first class, I decided to take advantage of the free drinks and calm my nerves before my second encounter with immigration. Fortunately, the guy didn’t even scan my passport, simply stamping my passport and giving me a “welcome to the United States” greeting before waving me through.

My last two weeks in California/Colorado were basically spent seeing friends and organizing meetings with cool people. I’m not sure what I want to do when I come back to the US, but I now have a great network of people who are doing interesting things. I’m also excited for the next few months in Africa before I go back. In Kenya, I’m basically wrapping up my job, running errands and preparing to return. In March, I’m planning to road trip with some friends to South Africa. The details are still in the works but the plan is there and I’m ready for the adventure!