I’ve been requested to add more pictures to my blog posts.  Unfortunately I’ve been in places with not very much internet access and adding photos would take a long time.  But here are my favorite 3 pictures from the last couple of weeks.

My fat friend from the story a couple weeks ago

I am an African King!

Cutest kids ever. The one on the right told me, “I love you muzungu”.

Tomorrow I’m going to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for the next part of my trip.  Please pray for me as I’m flying on September 11th.  It’s strange bringing back all my emotions from that day.  It’s made the possibility that I could die very real.  Not that flying tomorrow is more dangerous than any other day, but I want to make sure I leave nothing left unsaid because you never know.  So thank you to all the people that have made me who I am today.  To my parents, thank you being great examples in faith and love and for loving me so much.  To my siblings thank you putting up with me for as long as you’v been alive.  Thank you to my best friends in the world Ty and Justin.  I can’t imagin life without you.  And to all my other amazing friends, people like Beth, Kohei, Cory, Chikage and Jono, thank you for playing such a big part in my life.  I love all of you people and hope that I’ll have a lot more life to share.

Sincerely, Daniel