Life at a Quarter Century

Last month I turned 25, a quarter century. Since I probably only have two quarter centuries left (if I’m lucky), I wanted to write down a bucket list – a list of things to do before you “kick the bucket” so to speak. I’m sure I could think of a hundred – some of which I would do and some I wouldn’t get to. So here are my top 20 in no particular order. I also found an awesome website, where you can write down and keep track of all your bucket list items.

1. Plant a Forest

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now. Something about the peace and calm of nature, the environmental benefits of reforestation and the lasting legacy of trees that will live much longer than I will. They don’t know it yet, but Eden Reforestation Projects is going to help me do this


2. Write a book

Donald Miller’s honest, quirky style is what I try to imitate when I write. Like my blog, I would write some type of reflection on life, faith and the story of my journey. There’s also a National Novel Writing Month every November, which I think would be cool to attempt.

3. Scuba Dive the World

I need to get a scuba diving license first, but I would love to scuba dive wherever I visit.

4. Round the World Ticket

12 stops. One direction. All the way around the world. Once I figure out a bigger purpose for the trip, all I have to figure out are the logistics, cost and timing.

5. Work at a French Vineyard for a Summer

French intrigues me. The best way to learn a language is immersion, and I might as well become a wine connoisseur in the process.

6. Cinque Terre

This 5-village walk along the Italian Riviera is only accessible by footpaths. The villages look unbelievable.


7. Have a Family

This goes without saying I guess. I would love to have a family someday.

8. Create an Endowment Fund

I love the idea of giving a university education to someone who otherwise would have limited opportunities. Endowment funds use interest off investments to fund scholarships, so once they are set up, they should run forever.

9. Cooking Classes

I am a wannabie foodie. It would be cool to really understand different cooking techniques, flavor combinations, etc. and be able to make amazing meals from scratch. Also, I never want to work in a restaurant if I can help it.

10. Grad School

Education provides opportunities. I want to complete an MBA program because I think it will challenge me in important ways and open doors that might have been closed otherwise.

11. Hike Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya

The highest two peaks in Africa, these are the only mountains on the equator with year-round snow.

12. Speak 5 Languages

I currently speak 3.5 (English, Japanese, Spanish & 1/2 Swahili in that order). I need to brush up on my Swahili and French intrigues me.

13. Attend a World Cup

Brazil 2014 would be sick but it’s not going to happen for me.

15. Speak at a TED event

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an awesome speaking format to share all kinds of information and ideas. I’m not sure what I would talk about yet, but while I figure that out, you should check out some of their free videos Here

16. Start a business that employs people.

Ultimately, helping people is what business is all about. I want to start a successful, responsible business that is used to enrich people’s lives (including mine)

17. Become a woodworker

I want to build cool stuff. I want to be able to take a piece of wood and carve it into something awesome that will last forever.


18. Trek Nepal

It doesn’t have to be Everest to be amazing


19. Learn to Dance… Well

Salsa, swing, tango. Dancing is fun when you’re good

20. Keep learning, keep adventuring.

“Far better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checked by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

– Theodore Roosevelt


What’s on your bucket list?