Return to Africa

I came back to the States for the Holidays and it’s finally time to go “home” to Africa. It’s weird to say but it does feel like my current home is Kenya. My friends are there, my job is there, and it would feel strange living in the States. Having said that, it’s been great reconnecting with friends and family in the US. I started off with Christmas in Arkansas, a few days in Texas, work for a week in Colorado, then visited college friends in California. It was especially great to catch up on what’s been happening in my friends’ post-graduation lives, hearing about their aspirations and plans, or even the fact that they’re not sure. People change but I always look forward to reconnecting with friends and reminiscing about old times.

As for me, I have no idea what the next year will hold. My job with Paradigm goes until June so at least I have a few months planned. After that, I’m excited to start working on the chili farm with my business partner. There are a lot of obstacles and challenges before we become an operational business, but fortune favors the bold and we hope to create something truly great in Northern Kenya.  If my farming income doesn’t pay the bills, I’ve considered supplementing with guiding safaris for Japanese tourists, doing freelance journalism or photography, consulting and starting a water filter business (yes, I am a random person). Only God knows what the next months hold but I am convinced that if I trust Him, He will make life better than my expectations. More to come as I journey back to Africa and begin phase 2 of my adventure there.


4 thoughts on “Return to Africa

  1. I am very proud to have a friend to you.
    God has given you a big mission, which is expected to play it.
    The next time I meet you this has been looking forward to get a lot of talk let.
    Blessing of the Lord

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